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Tree Lopping Melbourne

Trees are one of the most beautiful living things on our planet and they can be a wonderful addition to our yards. They can be the supporting structure for a rope swing, tire swing or even a treehouse. But they can also be in the way and need to be trimmed or removed. When it comes to tree lopping in Melbourne, you want to find a tree service that can do the job well, has experience trimming, removing and relocating trees and will give you expert advice on tree lopping.

What is Tree Lopping Exactly?

Tree lopping is also known as tree trimming and involving getting rid of some of the sections of a tree. Determining which sections those are is the work of an expert at the tree service that you hire for the lopping. Tree lopping encompasses many different aspects of a tree service and can include taking height from the tree as well as clearing branches that are in the way. Tree lopping is a normal part of the landscaping process and it is actually something that is beneficial to the tree.

The purpose of tree lopping is to make the tree blend in with the background. So, for example, a tree that has grown too tall, or has branches growing wildly may clash with the existing landscaping. This is when an expert can come in and trim the tree in order to reshape it so that it looks the way you want it to. Tree lopping can be as simple as cutting a few branches and as complicated as stripping the tree of all of its current branches and removing a large section of the trunk, allowing it to grow back over time, but at a much lower height. Guide wires are often used to control the direction of growth.

Tree Lopping Damaged Trees

In some cases, lightning may have damaged the tree or a strong windstorm or natural disaster may have stripped the branches away. Even house fires can sometimes spread to trees and damage them. In this case, tree lopping in Melbourne involves removing the damaged parts of the tree and letting it heal itself over time. Most of the time, the tree will grow new branches and leaves and return to its original state, as long as the person doing the tree lopping knows what they are doing.

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