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Tree Doctor Melbourne

Did you know that trees can get sick just like people can? It’s true, and that’s where a tree doctor in Melbourne can help. There are many things that can happen to a tree that can be treated by a tree doctor, but you first need to recognize the symptoms to know whether to call in a professional or not. A tree doctor in Melbourne can evaluate your tree and give you a diagnosis as well as a prognosis, and might be able to treat the tree right then and there. But it all starts with recognizing that your tree has a problem.

Signs That You Need a Tree Doctor in Melbourne

The wood is dead: If the wood of the tree looks dry, dead and breaks easily this can be a sign of a dying or sick tree. Trees are meant to bend with the wind and if they become brittle, they are going to break. Dead branches need to be removed right away because they pose a serious risk to the safety of you and your family as well as your property.

The tree is cracked or split: Trees that have deep splits through the bark often are indications that the tree is sick. There also may be cankers, which are sections of the bark that is missing.

Bark growths between the branches: This problem occurs when branches aren’t attached to the tree very well and bark grows between them.

Decay: Spotting decay on a tree can be tricky because it happens inside of the tree. If you are seeing decay on the outside of the tree it might already be too late, but look for soft, crumbling wood or fungi growing on the tree. Both of these are indicators of decay inside the tree.

The tree is leaning: If the tree is leaning to one side or is lopsided you may want to call in a tree doctor.

Common Tree Diseases

There are many diseases that trees can have, so it can be difficult to know whether to call in a tree doctor in Melbourne. But some of the most common diseases include: chestnut blight, the cryphonectria parasitica fungus, eucalyptus cancer, Dutch elm disease, the eucalyptus leaf blight and sudden oak death. Talk with your tree expert if you suspect your trees are suffering from a disease.

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