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Stump Removal Melbourne

When you have a stump that needs to be removed, you want to choose a company that can do it quickly and easily without any danger to them, your family or your property. There are many methods of stump removal, and you’ll have to decide first off whether you want to have the service techs remove the stump intact or if they need to use a stump grinder to get it out of the ground. The tree service you hire can help you with deciding what type of removal would be most appropriate.

Intact Stump Removal

If you want to remove a stump from your property, but keep it intact, you are going to need to find a tree service that has the necessary equipment to make that happen. Stump removal in Melbourne for intact stumps is something that requires specialized equipment and experience in removing large stumps without too much damage to the ground.

Reasons to do Stump Removal in Melbourne

There are many reasons that people decide to remove stumps. One common reason is, stumps aren’t pretty. You can dress them up sometimes and make them look presentable but most of the time, old stumps in your yard just look like old stumps. Also, stumps can take up space that you want to use for something else. You might want to lay down some new grass, put in a garden or plant flowers where the stump is currently located. Finally, they might be hazardous, particularly if you have children running around your yard barefoot. Stumps that are difficult to see could cause a fall or a foot injury.

Can You Remove a Stump by Yourself?

Deciding whether or not you can remove a stump by yourself or if you need to call in an expert requires that you know how to evaluate the stump in question. Most of the time, getting an expert to remove the stump is a better idea. It is better to pay some extra money to make sure that the job is done correctly and safely. Factors that affect how easy or difficult a stump is to remove include the age of the stump, the size and of course, whether there is more than one.

Smaller stumps that are older are the easiest to remove and you might be able to get them out of the ground easily, but it is a much better idea to call in a professional because they will not only remove it, but also haul it away for you.

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