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Stump Grinding Melbourne

When it comes to tree removal, you want to make sure that you are using a company with the latest equipment; equipment that is in good repair and is large enough to do the job. That is especially true when it comes to stump grinding. Understanding what stump grinding is and how it is accomplished might help you to choose a tree service company in Melbourne.

Stump grinding in Melbourne is generally done with a stump grinder, which is a powered wood chipper that rotates and removes tree stumps literally by grinding them into manageable pieces. This is the perfect solution for stumps that cannot be removed easily from the ground intact but a stump grinder is a dangerous machine that only professional tree service personnel should use. That’s because stump grinders start out about the size of your backyard lawnmower and they go up all the way to the size of a small panel truck.

How Does a Stump Grinder Work?

Stump grinders work with a cutter wheel that has teeth carved into it. This wheel is lowered into the stump where it grinds the stump into smaller chunks from the inside out. The wheel spins rapidly and can do serious damage if anyone but a trained professional is operating it.

Some stump grinders are attached to vehicles as a trailer or actually mounted on the vehicle itself. They can be mounted on tractors, trucks or construction equipment. It only takes seconds for this type of machine to destroy and tree root and allow for manual removal of the stump a few pieces at a time. Vertical stump grinders that are mounted onto vehicles can even destroy and remove stumps that are deep in the ground and are used by forestry service personnel as well as tree trimming companies.

Grinding of Stumps in Melbourne and Removal

If you have a stump that is just too stubborn for conventional removal, then a company that has a commercial stump grinder that is big enough to do the job can help you get it out of your yard or off your property for good. However, be wary of the traveling “in your neighborhood” tree service people. They promise results and rarely deliver. Make sure that you do your research before allowing someone to take a crack at removing the stump you need gone.

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