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Melbourne Arborist

Melbourne Arborist

Many people call an arborist a “tree surgeon” but the term “tree doctor” would probably be more appropriate. That’s because an arborist is someone who takes care of trees, and while that can sometimes include cutting branches with precision, it also encompasses a great deal more.

An arborist is an expert in the care and maintenance of trees and other plant life, and their job requires knowing the tree that they are taking care of and what its needs are, as well as having the skills to perform those tasks that will make the tree as healthy as possible.

A tree that grows over a period of decades can be destroyed in a single day if the person taking care of it doesn’t know what they are doing. That’s why it is important to do your research when you choose an arborist. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when selecting one.

What Kind of Credentials do They Have?

Checking out the training of the arborist you hire is one of the most important things you can do. Although arboriculture is still an apprenticeship occupation in some areas, there are degree programs available at universities around the country.

What Professional Associations Do They Belong to?

Your arborist should belong to a professional organization of some kind. There are a couple that serve Melbourne and Australia in general. The Tree Contractors Association of Australia for example.

Do They Carry Insurance?

Your arborist should have insurance to protect themselves and their employees as well as your property and the trees that they work on.

How do They Present Themselves?

How your arborists presents themselves will give you an idea of how they will perform. Do they have good equipment that isn’t in need of repair? Are they dressed in the proper clothing for the work they will be doing? If your instincts tell you that they aren’t the company you want, don’t allow them to work on your trees.

Do They Have References?

Any arborist company should have references that they can give you to allow you to contact some previous customers and find out what kind of job they did for them. If they cannot give you any references, be wary.

What Kind of Estimate Are They Giving You?

Understand that just because a bid is the lowest one you received doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the company you should go with. It’s better to pay a little more for quality work.

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